Month: October 2014

Here’s blood in your eye

APOLOGIES FOR the lurid yet fiendishly-clever-as-usual title, but trust me–it’s no less appropriate than was last week’s POODLEs reference. Not only is today All Hallows’ Eve, a time for all things sanguinary, but it just happens to be the 2nd anniversary of my stem cell transplant, undergone whilst witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy from my hospital room window. Read more...

Oy with the POODLEs already!

Plus: The Return of Camera Roll, and the debut of Yosemite

SO THERE I was, in the midst of crafting one of my typically droll and yet diabolically clever headlines for this post, when the perfect title was dropped right into my lap. Read more...

(Shell)shock and awe, coming around the Bend

ANOTHER WEEK, another set of crises for Apple to weather. On the heels of August’s celebrity photo iCloud hack comes the Shellshock vulnerability, freshly discovered on Sep. 24 and rivaled only by this spring’s Heartbleed bug as the Vulnerability With The Most Compelling Monicker so far this year. Read more...

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