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FOR TWENTY-PLUS YEARS, nuclear physicist Robert J. Tokarz and his team of inspectors has been making sure we don’t absorb even the slightest amount of radiation beyond what’s needed when undergoing X-rays or other diagnostic procedures.

And for fifteen of those years, I’ve been making sure they can keep doing that by providing support and troubleshooting services to their Mac-based operation. Along the way I’ve designed their corporate identity and marketing collateral, and built their current website.

At the systems level, I’ve transitioned them from their local file server to Dropbox for Teams, greatly simplifying access to files when techs are outside the office. In addition, I’ve moved their local FileMaker server to FileMaker Cloud/AWS which, like Dropbox, has enhanced the ease of remote access to their databases immensely, while providing greatly increased performance and reliability.

Managing the scheduling of multiple inspectors to mesh with hundreds of medical facilities seeing thousands of patients across NJ demanded the transition from a shared Apple ID/iCal ad hoc solution to MarketCircle’s Daylite CRM, allowing for a more streamlined  and efficient process for assigning inspections.

A few years ago, I took over FileMaker development responsibilities from their previous dev, and now regularly update, tweak and optimize their FileMaker-based inspection tracking and reporting systems. I’ve recently completed development and roll-out of a dental office-specific inspection database built to their unique requirements and specifications. 

706 LaReine Ave. #302 • Bradley Beach, NJ 07720