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The ECG Group

The ECG Group

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The ECG Group, formerly Erbach Communications, provides print production, marketing, strategic communications and branding solutions to non-profits. I’ve been consulting to them for approximately ten years, initially providing outsourced support and troubleshooting services to their Mac-only office.

In recent years, the shift from print to online has required them to add Web development to their list of services, but lacking in-house expertise in this area, they turned to me to serve as the website creation arm of their firm, while working closely with their designers to help them learn the ins and outs of WordPress, CSS and other skills in order that they could gradually assume the Web responsibilities in house.

To date, I’ve built a half-dozen sites for them to present to their clients, and currently collaborate with them on many more. Additionally, I’ve transitioned their local fileserver and its ~2TB of data to Dropbox for Teams, addressing an increasing need for both their employees and freelancers to access files and collaborate on assignments when outside the office.

706 LaReine Ave. #302 • Bradley Beach, NJ 07720