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Rethinking65 was founded by a group of highly experienced publishing professionals who are literally re-thinking what it means to “retire” from a financial perspective—and beyond. The team has spent their careers reporting and compiling information for financial advisors, and launched, their financial resource and info hub, in March of 2021.

Like many of my other clients, Rethinking65’s website is built on the WordPress CMS platform, and the majority of the R65 team are doing their reporting on MacBook Pros. This means I’m able to assist them with everything from upgrading and maintaining their hosting setup to optimizing their WordPress theme, plugins, and site analytics, while providing remote support for their Macs on an as-needed basis.

One essential component of Rethinking 65’s business model is their ability to provide banner advertising and sponsored content for their advertisers, so they’ve kept me busy vetting and configuring back-end ad management systems and custom content hubs for their expanding client base.

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